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Personal Trainer | Yoga Teacher | Pilates Instructor

In life you get just about as many chances as you’re willing to take.

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Yoga increases self-confidence, self-love and your ability to be present.

I love to share my life on social media, because I travelled a lot and I have been living in different countries, Instagram for me is a great way to keep connections with all my friends around the world.

I share about my life, my job and my passions, and I try to inspire others to live a healthy and respectful lifestyle. My aim is to transmit positivity, because you know, it’s all about energies.


Preziosa ed insostituibile

Un’insegnante unica per la passione che mette in questo splendido lavoro… È bastata una sola lezione in riva al mare per percepire gli anni di preparazione, la professionalità e l’amore per ciò che fa e si percepisce dalla cura con cui ci guida e dagli eventi che organizza ❤️ trasmette tanta serenità e pace 🥰

I Versiliesi sono davvero fortunati ad averti lì con loro 🙏🏻 a presto, complimenti ancora 👏🏻❤️


I’m so grateful I met Giada and started my yoga journey with her.

Giada got me always so excited of our classes, and they were highlights of my weeks.

I have just completed my 200H Yoga Teacher Course. Without Giada I wouldn’t even thought about it. She opened my life to something so beautiful and I’m loving every second of this interesting yoga world !

I love her so much as a friend and a teacher for leading me this way. Giada has become one of the most important persons in my life 💛


Embodiment Experience in Flow

A true experience of Body Mind and Soul.

Every yoga session with Giada will transition you into inner peace and wholeness.

Giada will challenge your body, calm your mind and ligthen up your soul.

One of a kind experience. So grateful to come across path with Giada, a beauiful inspiration. Once again Giada, thank you sharing your yoga wisdom and spark of inspiration.

Forever be a yoga student for life.


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    We are the painting, the painters, the painted, and the paint!
    Infinite creators , infinite intelligent beings, infinite source of love.
    We have the capacity to embody all that which we call into our lives. We become this energy, and open possibility for this energy to come play into our reality.

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